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Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 12, 2015

Tien Son cave or Dry cave is pretty well known in the area of Phong Nha-Ke Bang

Tien Son cave or Dry cave is pretty well known in the area of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. Tien Son is an ideal destination and delighted to welcome you. Please come to Tien Son, Quang Binh, Vietnam where there are mountains, rivers, magnificent caves associated with legends and tales and friendly people.
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Tien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

The road to Tien Son cave is winding over halfway up the mountain, mouth of the cave at a height about 200 meters above the Phong Nha cave ceiling. This cave is considered as cattle with thousands of stalactites blocks of colorful stalactites, gleaming stone columns with marble color, which looks very attractive. The entry mouth of Tiên Sơn is at an altitude of 200 m from Phong Nha cave. This cave is 980 m in length, located next to each other, Phong Nha and Tien Son caves do not link with each other.Tien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

Along the way up Tien Son cave, you can stop anywhere and look back at the foot of the mountain are rice fields, maize fields, sugarcane dumps or a view of a the mountainous region countryside. Picture of countryside here is so beautiful. There are landscape and mountain villages, mixed with Chay, Trooc Rivers, and the water source runs from majestic Truong Son range. Gentle blue water is winding through the countryside and shore to supply water to the sea.

There is a 10m deep abyss, which is 400m away from the entry mouth. Then tourists will reach a 500m long underground cave, which is rather dangerous for walking. Discovered in April 1935, the cave was originally given a name of Dong Tien meaning Fairy cave due to its marvelous beauty inside. Then it has been called Dry cave to distinguish from the Phong Nha water cave.Tien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

Landscapes in Tien Son cave is such as ” fairyland beautiful scenery”. Bristling in the cave is thousands of stone blocks with many unreal colors. High arches, prominent transient and have many colors like gold and silver. The marble stone columns with a lot of miraculous appearance make people ecstatic, like being lost in heaven or so aquariums.

Besides, Tien Son cave owns additional special feature of echoing sounds similar to those of gong and drum produced from stalagmites when being slightly knocked.

The more gradually go deep into the cave, the more obscure aisles are, bending over the slot of stalactite where you have to bend down or leaning low to pass. The miraculous image, the wonderful natural beauty of stalactite hanging from the cave and stalagmites from the ground up, which will make you really lost in the middle of a strange new world.

Tien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

According to British cave scientists, Tien Son cave was created tens of million years ago when a water current holed this limestone mount in Ke Bang. Following a series of landforms and movement of rocks, this mass was levered or lowered, blocking the current and creating what is now Ten Son cave while the underground river redirected its current to Phong Nha cave. Although Phong Nha and Tien Son caves are located next to each other, there are no linking grottos between themTien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

While Son River and Phong Nha cave had touching stories about a great monk helping people, Tien Son cave had love stories between brave boy of the earth with fairy holding God’s sword. The boy exceeded too many and high mountains and cliffs to look up fairies to borrow God’s sword to eradicate species monsters harming civilians. When fairies shed her clothes on the banks of the stream for bathing, he secretly took the swords, so killed the monster, except harm for people. When he returned, one fairy was crying and afraid to come back heaven because swords was lost And the boy explained the situation to her.Tien Son Cave – miraculous hidden beauty

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