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Thứ Tư, 2 tháng 12, 2015

Salmons in Sapa - Lao Cai (Cá hồi Sapa)

Sapa is famous for not only the beautiful landscape but also the salmon which in the past is only for the nobles.
Nowadays, when travelling in Sapa, besides contemplate the beautiful landscapes, visitors will have a chance to enjoy salmon-dishes and visit the Northern biggest salmon farm.

At 1.800m of height compareing to water level, the salmons are taken care in the artifical ponds.
The salmons are being fed.
The salmon becomes a specialty in many restaurants and hotels in Sapa now that attracts not only Vietnamese people but also foreigners.


With the delicious taste and high nutritional value, salmon is the luxury food for the people when visiting Sapa. Thanks to the cool weather and a cold winter, even snow, Sapa salmons don’t have oil and its quality is the same as the import ones. From salmon, people can cock a lot of dishes, such as salad, hot pot, porridge, salmon’s egg dishes,…
Let’s visit ha noi
Grilled salmon with cheese
Salmon sushi
It will be very great if in the Sapa’s cold weather you can sit and enjoy salmon dishes with your friends and family.
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