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Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 11, 2015

Buff salad in Son La – Nộm da trâu

Buff is often used to produce drums but with the Thai people in Son La it becomes a specialty which is important dish in special occasions.
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Thai women make the buff softer by flame it on the fire then soak it in the cool water. When the buff is softer, they use the sharp knife to cut it into many thin slices. The buff now is yellow and brittle.

As many dishes of salad here, buff salad need a lot of spices, such as peanut, coriander, and mắc kén (a kind of forest pepper).

Buff salad

Especially, the thing that makes up the buff salad’s enchantment is sour bamboo shoot water but not lemon or vinegar. This water is made by soaking the fresh bamboo shoot in stream water with some necessary spices then wait for a period time.
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The diners when eating will feel the brittle taste of buff and peanut and flavors of bamboo shoot and vegetable, especially the unique taste of mắc kén combine and make up an unique savour, the savour that only found out in this province. 

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