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Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 11, 2015

Xuan Son National Park: The Natural Emerald

Xuân Sơn is the only National Park in Vietnam boasting primitive forests in the limestone mountains, which are home to a diversified composition of flora and fauna with a wide range of wild rare and valuable animal and natural caves and waterfalls. If you love to explore nature, Xuan Son National Park is a definite destination for you.
A panorama of the Park
Located in Tan Son District, Phu Tho Province and approximately 120km from Hanoi, the Park spreads on an entire area of 15,048ha, ranked as 12th largest national park and has 80% of its territories covered by forests. It is regarded as the green lung of the northwest region as well as a significant economic source to the aborigines residing in the neighborhood.
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Accommodation of ethnic groups in Xuan Son National Park
Coming to the park in one day, you will experience the four-season weather in the order: spring, summer, autumn and winter for the morning, noon, afternoon and night respectively. The average temperature is 22-23 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
Up to now, there have been 365 animal species and 726 species of vascular plants discovered and recorded in Xuan Son. 46 endangered animal species are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book and 18 others in the World Red Book. The park is the habitat of pheasant, leopards, squirrels, civets, gibbons, etc… Xuan Son’s vegetation is dominated by magnolias, oaks and chestnut trees in the intersectant region between China’s Huanan regions and Indo-Malaysia.
Many rare and valuable animal species are recorded in the Park
Xuan Son can be an ideal site for ones who are into trekking as limestone karst occupies an area of 1,661ha, equivalent to 30% of the Park’s total area. Some outstanding mountains are Mount Voi, Mount Ten, Mount Can,…with the height of 1,000 meter-plus. Additionally, the limestone karst contains an innumerable amount of weather-beaten caves, some of which contain complex systems of rivers and numerous small holes acting as cool ventilation to the interior of those caves.

Ethnic groups can be found residing in the Park and possess and maintain their unique culture theme expressed through costumes, cuisines, dances, handicrafts and festival.
Nine-spur cock – a specialty meat in ethnic cuisine
An area of 9,099 ha of Xuan Son National Park is under severe authority protection since shifting cultivation and forest fire are posing substantial threats to the habitat of animals as well as plants in the park. Another issue is that the park possesses inadequate land volume to support a viable population of bird species and mammal in the future.

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